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Sensitive files in financial services should not only be securely managed and controlled, they should also be accessed and shared anytime, anywhere in a secure way.


● Most of files are very sensitive and should be backed up and securely stored
● Files will be transferred among staffs for many times before finalize it.
● Flash drive and attachments are frequently used for sharing, unsecure and easily lost
● Data leakage is very high and files should be controlled and tracked


Total Protection for Sensitive Files

● All files are centrally stored and controlled in their own cloud storage with total privacy and security.
● Antivirus and Anti ransomware are offered to guarantee the security of file.
● HTTPs encryption ensure the security of file transfer.

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

● File sharing is flexible and secure with 7 kind of granular permissions, link password and expiration, security policies and more.
● File version and auto file lock are offered to ensure the serial collaboration.

Easy Archive, Complete Audit

● Files can be easily archived to cloud and archived files cannot be modified or deleted by others.
● All file operations, user activities and system operations can be tracked in logs for complete audit.

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