Upgraded AnyShare Family

Featured by great flexibility, AnyShare can satisfy multiple document management demands for customers in enterprise,
government, financial, education , transportation, electronic power industries with customized solutions.

Difference of AnyShare

Next Generation EFSS is designed to satisfying mobile office demands.
It helps customers to achieve comprehensive control of unstructured data and extract 80% benefit from 20% e-documents.

01 Leading Unified Distributed Storage Architecture

02 Five Highlights of AnyShare

  • Architecture

    Large-scale Modular Deployment ·Supports modular deployment in hybrid clouds or across multiple regions
  • Access Mode

    Unique On-demand Download & NAS Mount ·Provides various access modes: Https, sync and virtual disk ·Supports proprietary virtual disk and NAS mount mode
  • Security

    Highly Secure ·Approved by National Secrecy Science and Technology Evaluation Center (NSSTEC ) ·Protects files securely by access control and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) ·Delivers cross-network file transfer ·High availability and system backup are supported
  • Management

    Comprehensive Data Management & Insight ·Enables strictly document control to ensure compliance ·Controls and isolates illegal content ·Perform risk analysis and optimizes operation based on file analytics ·Achieves auto-tagging and content recommendation based on text analytics
  • Openness

    Highly Open ·torage:Supports multiple protocol, including CIFS, HTTPS,S3 ·Application:Provides Web components, WebDAV and SDKs for the third-party applications ·Authentication:Supports a broad range of user authentication methods: AD, LDAP, Oauth, etc

03 Full Lifecycle Methodology for Unstructured Data Management

  • Unified Aggregation · NAS:CIFS、NFS · Object Storage:S3/Swift · Remote Access:WebDAV · File Synchronization Client · File API/Component
  • Unified Storage · Scale-out NAS · Object Storage · Tiered Storage & Disaster Recovery · WORM
  • Unified Document Sharing · multi-terminal file synchronization and sharing service · Secure document sharing across applications
  • Comprehensive Data Analytics · Document analytics based on AnyRobot · Document recognition & classification based on access analytics · Automatic text analysis, labelling and classification · Document recommendation based on access behavior analytics
  • Big Data Integration · Unstructured data analytics based on Hadoop/Spark · Unstructured data aggregation & cleaning

Choose Your Solution

AnyShare offers rich solutions which can help achieve comprehensive unstructured data management.
And it can provide customized service that based on specific demands of different customers
  • Next Generation EFSS

  • Next Generation EFSS Solution

    Based on AnyShare Disk/Cloud: · Provides comprehensive solutions based on customer demands, including file sync & share , desktop file backup & share and content management solutions, and etc. · Supports delivery in appliance, software and service form. · Supports deployment in private, public, VPC or hybrid cloud, and provides distributed deployment & CDN acceleration features.

    Secure Electronic Document Management Solution

    Based on AnyShare Disk: · Aims at dealing with confidential document management and compliance demands of customers in government/secrecy/national defense/finance industries. · Provides unified document storage, management, share services, and supports unified management, life cycle control, compliance and confidentiality of electronic documents that approved by NSSTEC. · Supports delivery in appliance, software and service form. · Supports deployment in private, public, VPC or hybrid cloud, and provides distributed deployment & CDN acceleration features.
  • AnyShare Universal
    Unified Unstructured Data Management System

  • Unstructured Data Management Solution

    Based on AnyShare Universal: · Builds unified unstructured data management system based on distributed file system & object storage. · A comprehensive solution centers on life cycle management of unstructured data and covers application scenarios such as distributed object storage, scale-out NAS, next generation EFSS, electronic document management. · The solution can embed or integrate Next Generation EFSS solution and Secure Electronic Document Management solution of AnyShare Disk/Cloud.

Operation Achievements In Past 8 Years

Total User Until 2017 : 326W+

  • Customers with 1,000+ Users
  • Customers with 10,000+ Users
  • Customers with 100,000+ Users

Technology Innovation Award

Excellent Exhibition Product of 20th SSIA

Approved by NSSTEC

Huawei Ready


The Only local vendor of China
in Magic Quadrant for CCP

2017 Magic Quadrant for Content
Collaboration Platforms

The Only local vendor of China
in Magic Quadrant for EFSS

2016 Magic Quadrant for
Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

Customer Success Stories


· Number of users: 20

· Deployment site: Based on Aliyun (USA)

· Usage scenario: Provide a quick backup of desktop data and centralized storage based on AnyShare


· It changed the disadvantages of the original data scattered on the PC, and realized the centralized storage of unstructured data within the enterprise.

· Achieve data sharing with suppliers and external customers based on AnyShare, and improved the sharing efficiency


· Network delay and congestion always exists between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

· Data transfer among branches and the headquarters is very inconvenient


· Achieves data interconnection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

· Accelerates document access by reverse proxy services

· Integrates with AnyBackup to achieve offsite protection

The headquarters of this company is in Hong Kong,and AnyShare provides online collaboration and access to Moscow and Tallinn

· Each department has its own system, information is fragmented, incompatible and there is no uniform standard

· The business system focuses on production capacity and cost control, resulting in low utilization of information or repeated input


· Unified storage the data of business system , reduce the burden of maintaining multiple systems, and improved the utilization of storage resources

· Provide permissions control to ensure data sharing security

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