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AnyBackup Cloud provides data protection as a service under hybrid cloud. Users can purchase on demand instead of one-off payment so that the TCO can be reduced. · Flexible deployment either on-premises or in public cloud · Ten-year enterprise data protection experience · Additional layers of security to avoid data leakage · On-demand purchase to achieve low TCO

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Data Protection as a Service

  • 1、On-premises Backup as a Service
  • 2、Disk to Disk to Cloud Backup
  • 3、Cloud Data Migration
  • 4、Cloud-based Backup as a Service

Users can construct backup media by themselves or all IaaS can be provided by service providers, but the backup service can be purchased on-demand instead of one-off payment, thus reducing the TCO.

· Purchases backup services on demand, making TCO more predictable. · Manages by service provider or EISOO, reducing the operating cost. · Backs up any local workload, ensuring data security. · Ten-year data protection experience, ensuring backup and recovery efficiency.

The local backup data can be expanded to public cloud to provide more cost effective and scalable data archiving solutions instead of tape backup.

· Provides industry-leading compatibility, supporting cloud storages such as Aliyun, Huawei Cloud, AWS, UCloud, Azure, E Cloud and QingCloud. · Ensures data efficiency and security using Intelligent Deduplication, resumable data transfer and Multi-tiered Encryption. · Supports recovery and exercise using data in cloud. Consistency can be ensured and no production resource will be occupied. · Offers 24/7 monitoring and management for the backup and archive environment.

The local business data can be migrated to cloud rapidly without business interruption.

· Easily migrates local business data to cloud data center. · Provides P2V, V2V, P2C, and V2V to satisfy migration between different platforms. · Supports cold migration and hot migration to satisfy different SLA requirements. · Controls data migration risks effectively using reliable migration methods and professional technologies.

Users can enjoy professional data protection as a service for data that has already been migrated to cloud. Tenancy management, auto billing, unified management and monitoring are provided.

· Protects data on private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. · Supports auto calculation and auto billing. · Enhances management efficiency by tenancy management and unified monitoring services on one platform. · Supports hybrid cloud disaster recovery to achieve disaster recovery among cloud hosts.


Data Protection Capabilities
Ease of Use
Management and Maintenance
AnyBackup Cloud
Enterprise Data Protection
On-premises, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
Low (Purchase on demand)
24/7, Quick Response
Legacy Backup
Enterprise Data Protection
On-premises Only
Manual, Repeated
High (One-off)
24/7, Delayed Response

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