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Unified Data Protection

Data is growing and becoming more diversified under the trend of digitalization, which scatters across virtual, physical and cloud environments. Thus, a unified data protection solution becomes a must for enterprises to achieve best data protection results with least TCO.

· Data protection for 3 large environments

· Over 200% performance enhancement

· Up to 60% cost reduction

· Diversified cloud services

Ranked No.2 in Domestic PBBA Market
for 3 Consecutive Years
  • Patents
  • Awards
  • Customers
  • Comprehensive Protection

  • High Performance

  • Low TCO

  • Cloud Services

  • Eliminates the management complexity of multiple point solutions

  • Ensures remarkable backup and recovery performance

  • Optimizes capital investment

  • Integrates with AnyBackup Cloud to enhance service level

  • Comprehensive Protection

    Eliminates the management complexity of multiple point solutions

    • · Protects virtual, physical and cloud environments in one solution
    • · Satisfies protection for large cloud data centers
    • · Integrates CDP and disaster recovery to satisfy different SLAs
  • High Performance

    Ensures remarkable backup and recovery performance

    • ·Hundreds of patents for higher protection performance
    • ·High efficient protection for PB level data
    • ·Third generation data deduplication and LAN-Free backup
  • Cloud Services

    Optimizes capital investment

    • ·One solution instead of multiple point solutions
    • ·Industry leading scalability to avoid repetitive investment
    • ·Unified management for remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs)
  • Cloud Services

    Integrates with AnyBackup Cloud to enhance service level

    • ·Provides data protection as a service
    • ·Deploys the local backup media by users themselves but purchases the services on demand
    • ·Enjoys the backup media offered by MSP
We are looking for a unified data protection solution to substitute the original single-point one. The reason why we choose AnyBackup is that it achieves comprehensive protection, management efficiency enhancement and cost reduction. ——Guangdong Senior People Court Division Chief Lang

Explore the Value of AnyBackup

AnyBackup  Scenarios

  • Virtualization Protection
  • Oracle Data Protection
  • Massive Small File Protection
  • Cloud Continuous Data Protection
  • Offsite Data Protection
  • OpenStack Protection

Powerful Virtualization Protection

AnyBackup offers industry-leading compatibility. It can protect VMware, Hyper-V, H3C CAS, FusionSphere, CNware and more, helping you achieve comprehensive protection.

  • ·Image-level agentless backup
  • ·LAN-Free backup and recovery which is 3-4x faster
  • ·Minute-level instant recovery for emergencies
  • ·Auto discovery and protection for newly-added VMs
  • ·Data recovery/migration to any location

Fast Oracle Data Protection

AnyBackup provides industry leading Oracle backup performance by advanced features such as multi-channel backup, granular recovery, data deduplication and LAN-Free backup, thus greatly shrinking the backup window.

  • ·Multi-channel backup to enhance the backup speed
  • ·BCT backup which backs up the changed database data only
  • ·Data deduplication and LAN-Free backup
  • ·Granular recovery to restore single table

Hundreds of Millions of Small File Protection

AnyBackup can effectively handle the problems such as low efficiency and complex management in protection for hundreds of million of small files via block level data protection and file level data protection, thus ensuing small file security.

  • ·Multiple protection granularities to satisfy user demands
  • ·Block level data protection technology to enhance the backup efficiency
  • ·Data deduplication to optimize the backup space and the storage cost
  • ·Concurrence and packaging technologies to enhance the backup efficiency for massive data

Continuous Data Protection for Data in Cloud

More and more enterprises are migrating data to cloud. AnyBackup provides C2D, D2C and C2C based on private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud to guarantee continuous data protection and business takeover.

  • ·Elasticity and simplicity of cloud
  • ·Any time-point recovery based on continuous data replication
  • ·Rapid takeover if the business fails
  • ·Investment cost and outage cost reduction

Offsite Data Protection

AnyBackup helps store one or many data copies in offsite so as to prevent the data loss caused by natural disaster.

  • ·Shared protection for remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs)
  • ·Multiple copies in multiple places to enhance the data security
  • ·Secure and efficient network transmission technology
  • ·Multiple recovery strategy to ensure recovery to anywhere

OpenStack Protection

AnyBackup supports OpenStack protection, guaranteeing professional and comprehensive protection for your cloud hosts.

  • ·Image-level agentless backup
  • ·Separation of management flow and backup data flow to provide efficient backup
  • ·Auto discovery and protection for newly-added cloud hosts
  • ·Cross-user and cross-domain recovery

AnyBackup Success Cases

  • Protection for 4,000 VMs

    “AnyBackup helps protect nearly 500 VMware virtual machines (will expand to 4,000) and over 10 Oracle RAC database, The whole data amount reaches hundreds of TB and it will scale to PB level. The whole backup efficiency is 200% higher.”

    —— Tianjin Municipal Education Commission Mr. Ji
  • Shared Protection for Both Local and Offsite

    “AnyBackup makes our data securer as it achieves shared protection for both our two campuses. Not only the local data security is guaranteed, but the data is retained in remote as well.”

    ——Air Force Engineering University Director Wang
  • 50% Initial Cost Reduction

    “One of the great reasons why we choose AnyBackup is that it saves 50% cost compared with traditional data protection solutions.”

    ——Anhui Archives Bureau Director Zhou

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