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AnyRobot is a log management and analytics platform for enterprises by collecting, analyzing and visualizing your log and machine data with the purpose to maximize your business value. With comprehensive but simplified functions on analysis, search, visualization, dashboard and alarm monitoring, AnyRobot actively delivers users plenty of operational intelligence services on business analytics, security audit, maintenance and monitoring.

  • Data Collection

    Collect log data from any infrastructure, custom applications, network devices or cloud services.
    Massive data will be fully captured, stored and analyzed.
  • Data Search

    Real-time data search with analysis feedback in seconds. h
    Analyzing data in layers can fulfill the need of deep analytics and clustering statistics.
  • Visualize and Report

    Built-in charts and statistical methods fully explore the value of data.
    Customized dashboard with accessible log changes in real-time.
  • Monitor and Alert

    Comprehensive and in-time alert when monitoring the business data.
    Flexible alert strategy to quickly trace and locate the breakdown.
  • Unified Solution

    Provide unified device with all-in-one Web access and built-in applications, reducing analytics costs and improving ROI.


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