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File Sync & Sharing for Enterprises

EISOO AnyShare is a secure file sync and sharing platform, offering a private file cloud for enterprise to centrally
store, manage and control all unstructured data.

With AnyShare, business files can be accessed from anywhere by any device. All the access and sharing are strictly
controlled with the security features designed for enterprises. AnyShare can also seamlessly integrate with the
existing third-party applications or systems to ensure business continuity.

All functions for 30 days


All features available in free trial

AnyShare Software Tier 1
AnyShare Software for up to 100 users, 1 node,
do not contain user license

AnyShare Software Tier 2

AnyShare Software for up to 500 users, ≤2 nodes,
do not contain user license

AnyShare Software Tier 3

AnyShare Software for up to 2000 users, ≤4 nodes,
do not contain user license
AnyShare Software Tier 4
AnyShare Software for up to 10000 users, ≤10 nodes,
do not contain user license
AnyShare Software Tier 5
AnyShare Software for up to 50000 users, ≤16 nodes,
do not contain user license
AnyShare 10 User Package
Contain 10 users license
AnyShare 100 User Package
Contain 100 users license
AnyShare 1,000 User Package
Contain 1,000 users license
AnyShare 10,000 User Package
Contain 10,000 users license

Easy to use

Keep your work habits and work with your native applications. Always sync your files on any device, check files or videos even without downloading.


Easily share files with anyone anywhere and search the file you want within one second. Collaborate on the same project with teams even when you are thousand miles away.


Centrally store and manage all business files, control file access and prevent data leakage by many security policies. Track all operations of any user and any file.

Centrally Manage All Your Business Files

Central Management: centrally store and manage all scattered business files and personal files, offering a secure and private file cloud.

Multiple Data Copies: securely store all business files in at least 3 copies, one copy damaged will not affect the file availability.

Data Distribution: files are sliced and distributed stored as data block to enable that files are secure enough.

Simplify Management, Improve Efficiency

Layered Management: specify one person or more to assist in managing certain users and files, each in charge of their own part in an invisible and separate way.

Different Admin Roles: 3 kind of admin roles (admin, system, audit) simplify IT management, improve the efficiency in management of files, users, and operations.

The Right One Have the Right Access

Authentication: integrate with third-party authentication systems to ensure user login with the same account or single sign on.

Device Control: control access devices and if device is lost, remote wipe all files and log out the account.

Security Policies: offer policies to control file sharing, user login and file synchronization.

Security Levels: 5 kind of security levels (top secret, secret, confidential, protected and unclassified) are offered for system, file, and user to strictly control file access.

Track All Operations, Complete Audit

Logs: 3 kind of logs to record login info, file operations and system operations.

Audit: track all operations for complete audit and check all file and online user statistics.

Always Synchronize and Back up Files

Auto Synchronization: drag and drop files and they will be automatically synchronized to cloud for backup.

Rapid Upload: repeated files will be de-duplicated to reduce storage and improve synchronization speed.

On-demand Download: check all files on any device yet only download the one you need by one click.

Windows-like Operations: all file operations are windows-like, easy to use and no more training.

Easily Share Files with Anyone, Anywhere

Granular Permissions: 7 kind of permissions to control file sharing: display, preview, copy, create, modify, delete and download.

External & Internal Links: share files to inside by sending file path while to outside by links with password, permission, and expiration date to ensure file security.

Go Paperless: scan a QR code to get shared files to improve efficiency and go paperless.

Messages: you will be notified if others share a file or cancel sharing a file to you.

More Collaboration, Less Work

Groups: invite others to join your group to collaborate on the same project even then they are on the go.

Library: publish and share the business files for a department or the whole company in customized libraries.

File Version: work on the same file with different versions, auto file lock enables a serial team collaboration.

Make Work Simple with Others

Full-text Search: quickly get wanted files by entering keywords or file tags, locate the where the file is by entering the name keywords.

Video Online Play: no need to download files or videos, preview files online and online play video files.

Public Share: make the file discoverable by one click and share file to others as fast as you can.

Access Control on Your Side

Authentication: integrate with existing authentication system or applications to enable login different applications with the same account.

Domain Users: users can be imported from domain and authenticated in Domain Controller, such as Windows AD & LDAP.

Single Sign On: single sign on is enabled for domain users of Windows 2008 and Windows 10.

Work on Files with Apps You Like

Office Plugin: integrate with Microsoft Office and Kingsoft Office, work seamlessly with Office and AnyShare.

WeChat: auto save and synchronize WeChat files, pictures, videos, and audios to cloud, access from anywhere.

NAS Server: easily access to files on NAS server from AnyShare Client, no need to migrate files.

Open APIs for Third-party Applications

Desktop Virtualization: integrate with desktop virtualization to centrally synchronize and back up files on virtual desktop, such as VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop.

Open APIs: provide standard APIs for further integration with third-party application or system.

AnyShare Software

File Sync & Sharing for Enterprise

AnyShare Appliance

All-in-one software + hardware.

High Security and Availability

Cost-effective and affordable

500 users included for free

Extend to 16 servers and 50,000 users 


Trusted by customers from different industries.


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